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Redirection Program

The Redirection program focuses on breaking the destructive behavior patterns of youth referred by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, with the primary goal of lowering the juvenile incarceration rates, and more restrictive residential setting placements. The program focuses on youth who are at the highest risk for placement in a Department of Juvenile Justice residential facility. The Redirection program offers Functional Family Therapy as the treatment model.



The Functional Family Therapy (FFT) Program provides a family-based nationally recognized intervention for at-risk youth and their families (FFT is recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs (OJJDP) as an effective science-based intervention). Youth targeted are those ages 11-17 who have been arrested for a juvenile offense or are at-risk of entering the juvenile delinquency system. FFT is a culturally-sensitive, short-term intervention that has demonstrated a 25 - 60% reduction in recidivism. Through FFT, the therapist works with to build upon protective factors in the family system order to increase functioning of all family members; intervention is provided either in the home or in office and typically lasts an average of 12 sessions.


For referrals / information: 305-274-3172