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Youth Gang Resource Center

ICFH'S Youth Gang Resource Center focuses on collecting and disseminating all available information on gangs in order to ease the burden of law enforcement in solely addressing the gang issue in Miami-Dade County. The Youth Gang Resource Center provides education and community awareness concerning gangs, provide training about local gangs for youth workers and social service providers, seek new gang funding for itself and other local entities, and advocate for gang prevention/intervention related services. The Center is the central source of information on all current initiatives taking place that address youth gangs, and makes available information regarding gangs to all community members in the form of educational materials and staff presentations. Through this program, ICFH hosts an annual Youth Gang Summit and mini conferences throughout the year to assist agencies, professionals, and parents in addressing this community issue.



Miami-Dade Department of Human Services



Sunset:  Lisa A. Saldaña, LMHC                   305-274-8367