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Family Empowerment

In collaboration with the Delinquency Prevention Diversion Program of Miami-Dade County, and the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) the Family Empowerment Program provides prevention services that are specifically designed to reduce the impact of familial risk factors that co­ntribute to juvenile delinquency. Services provided include intensive group therapy, parenting groups, case management services, crisis intervention (as needed) and psychiatric consultation (as needed). The focus of this program is on the following factors:

- Parenting Skills Training - Referral and Interagency Liaison
- Student and Family Advocacy - Informational Workshops
- Parent/School Liaison Resources - Awareness/Access to Community
- Self-Esteem Enhancement Training - Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
- Individual Responsibility Groups - Bonding Opportunities to Positive Peer


Miami-Dade Office of Grants Coordination

Sunset:  Annette M. Naranjo, LCSW             305-235-8105