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Beyond Empowerment

The Beyond Empowerment (BE) program is designed to serve young adults ages 18-21 with co-occuring disorders.  The program is funded by the Department of Children and Families through South Florida Behavioral Network (SFBHN). BE utilizes a person-centered approach to identify strengths and needs of the individual in order to promote resiliency and improve functioning.  BE provides a team approach that encompasses the services of a clinician and a peer specialist.  The clinician works on addressing mental health and substance abuse goals.  The peer specialist works with the young adult in addressing educational, housing, and employment goals.  The BE program provides services to the co-occuring population who are uninsured or are funded by Medicaid.

Contact:  Anke Gilbert, LMHC - FACES/Beyond Empowerment Program Coordinator

For referrals/information:  305-274-3172, ext 4052 or 305-274-3172, ext. 4035