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Community Action Team (CAT)

The Community Action Team (CAT) is a stewide pilot program funded by the State of Florida and managed by the Department of Children and Families and the Florida council.  ICFH was awareded implementation of the CAT program in August 2013.

The team provides family-centered, culturally competent services individualized according to the strengths and needs of each youth/yound adulat and his/her family with a goal of supporting and sustaining the youth/yound adult in his/her family system, or the least restrictive and most clincally appropiate environment.

Medical staff provides psychiatric care, basic health status checks and works with the family to maintain medical records and linkages to community health care practitioners.  The whole family is embraced in care and family commitment and participation is essential and expected.

The CAT program works collaboratively to deliver the majority of behavioral health treatment required by each youth/young adult and family.  In addition, the CAT program assists the family in developing a natural support network, which may include but is not limited to extended family, friends, educational programs, cultural or volunteer groups and relgious organizations.  Family is interpreted broadly to include foster parents, caregivers and guardians.  CAT members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


South Florida Behavioral Health Network


Director: Annette Naranjo, LCSW        305-685-0381, extension 5002