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Violence Prevention Programs - Overtown & Richmond Heights

ICFH is implementing a comprehensive violence prevention strategy in both the Overtown and Richmond Heights neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County (with funding from The Children’s Trust). The Overtown program will be based out of Jose De Diego Middle School, and the Richmond Heights program will focus on Centennial Middle School, Miami South Ridge Senior High, and Richmond Heights Middle School.  These youth violence prevention programs will include community-focused, evidence-based educational services for youth and their families that include social skills development and character building activities, and the delivery of targeted services for families who need additional support, reinforcement, skills building, and mental health services. The programs will use the following specific strategies with youth referred by school personnel: 1) Preventive educational services; 2) Family Support through the Family Associates Model; 3) Mental Health Services through Functional Family Therapy; and 4) Diversion through the community prevention and educational activities provided by Mahogany Youth Corporation. 


The Children's Trust 

Contact:  Marcela Brown, MS.  

For referrals/information:  305-274-3172, ext. 4049 (Richmond Hts.)