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Child First

The Child First Program is an intensive early childhood home-visiting intervention that works within an early childhood system of care to decrease the incidence of serious emotional disturbance, developmental and learning problems, and abuse and neglect among high-risk, very young children and their families. The Child First model provides a team that takes a two-pronged approach: A Master’s Level licensed mental health clinician provides two-generational psychotherapeutic and psycho-educational intervention and a Bachelor’s level care coordinator provides hands-on assistance connecting all family members with community-based services and support. ICFH is one of three providers implementing the Child First Program in Palm Beach County sponsored by a grant from the Children Services Council of Palm Beach County.

The Children Services Council of Palm Beach County



Program Director:  Karen Haag, LMHC   561-508-2700

CEO: Suzy Schumer, LCSW 305-685-0381, extension 1020