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Healthy Steps

Healthy steps offers a range of services to children ages 0-5 in the North Region of Miami-Dade County.  These services include home visists with developmental specialists, well-child medical care, a parent telephone information line, child development screenings, written materials, age-appropriate books, parent support groups, screening for parental depression and referrals to other services, as needed.  Healthy Steps uses a team approach to primary health care for young children.  The team includes a professional staff member, called a Healthy Steps Specialist, whose background in child development, nursing or social work is complemented by Healthy Steps training, and who provides a link between the family and the pediatrician.

The Children's Trust 


Program Supervisor: Elaine Celaya, Psy.D.             305-685-0381, extension 2008  

CEO: Suzy Schumer, LCSW     305-685-0381, extension 1020