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Parent and Child Enrichment Program (PACE)

PACE is a promotion prevention program funded by The Children's Trust. The services are targeted to two main populations: Teenage parents and all other parents and children 0-5 of Miami Dade County, and it is also embedded in a broader context of risks including poverty, single parenting, low educational attainment, and other risky behaviors.

Through the PACE Program, participants will learn alternatives to make parenting a more enjoyable experience. Care-giving is about having options and alternatives. PACE groups will increase participants’ knowledge in parenting, expand their skills and allow them to celebrate being a parent.
Groups will focus on:

PACE Program consists of three main components: Parenting Classes, Interaction Group and Teenage Parenting, it will be offered through Miami Dade Public School, Day Cares and Institutions.

Participating parents will gain better understanding of their children’s developmental stages, develop appropriate expectations, become more attuned to their needs, and able to read their cues. In a positive learning environment parents will learn: 


The guiding philosophy is that many of the future problems can be prevented if the importance of the social-emotional development during the first years of life is understood and practiced. The ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of the participating young children, ages 0-5, by providing their parents with the tools and skills to regulate, stimulate and nurture them. Therefore, services focus on both partners of the dyad: parent and child. Through activities such as games, play, arts and crafts, story time, music, and baby massage, participants will:


Classes have various topics: prenatal care, parenting skills, child development, communication, reflective thinking, stress management, positive discipline, conflict resolution, and the importance of play among others. Through play, developmentally appropriate activities, joyful experiences of shared joy, children will gain a sense of self agency, explore and develop healthy attachment with their caregivers. Upon completion of the program participants will receive a certificate.

PACE Development Specialists working with parents and children will identify early signs of problems or mismatches that might interfere with a parent-child appropriate relationship and will refer the families for further screening, assessments or evaluations.

The Children's Trust 


Program Supervisor: Mónica Agostino, Ph.D.   305-722-5362 or 305-722-5353

CEO: Suzy Schumer, LCSW   305-685-0381, extension 1020